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After my work and in weekends I have been rewriting my discord bot so it cares more about different servers and also to give it the ability to add "special" channels like a calendar. In the image below you can see the special calendar channel in action, the bot is linked to a Google calendar showing upcoming events.

The bot also send a message 30 minutes before the event starts in a announcement channel. I also gave the bot moderating tools, it will remove messages containing a bad word and sent the messenger a private message. It also automaticly ban people saying the same message x times in a row in a short period of time.


Posted by Quget on 23 October 2020

I created my own new logo! As you can see it's not perfect, but it is something I created.

Posted by Quget on 14 September 2020

I know I know the name is really cringy.
After questions on YouTube asking for the source code I have decided to make it open source for everyone to see and use \o/
The game engine is made in .NET Core using OpenTK, I have mostly followed this tutorial series.

Read more about it: https://quget.com/quget-engine-one
YouTube: https://youtu.be/NS4bBQKhrMw
GitHub Link: https://github.com/Quget/Quget_Engine_One

Posted by Quget on 08 July 2020

Website upgrade completed! Website should load faster and for me the CMS is waaaay faster!
I recreated the theme from before the upgrade with new fonts. I might change the looks completely in the future.

Posted by Quget on 28 April 2020

Already? But the website just got content! I will be upgrading the website to a .NET Core CMS called Orchard Core. It will be faster for you and for me. https://www.orchardcore.net/

Posted by Quget on 24 April 2020

The website has been updated! I've added a new page where you can read about some projects that I worked on. I also added a page with a list of repositories, so you can click trough some code. I will slowly move content from my other website to Quget.com

Posted by Quget on 14 April 2020

Do images load here?
If so here is a character from a game that I play.
It's my character in Final Fantasy XIV :)


Posted by Quget on 26 October 2019

Welcome to my new website, this website is currently under construction. Want to see things I have created? Check out my github page https://www.github.com/Quget

Posted by Quget on 26 October 2019