A list of projects Quget worked on can be found below.

Happy factory is a game created during the Global Game Jam in 2024.
Here you can find the Global Game Jame page.
Here you can play the game
To view the source code simply go to the GitHub page. 

Short explanation of the game.

Co-Op crafting game in a factory.
Players must work together in this crazy and colorful factory to make enough "funny " products to make the world laugh which it desperately needs.... 

Posted on 28-01-2024

Root of all evil is a game created during the Global Game Jam in 2023.
Here you can find the Global Game Jame page.
Here you can play the game
To view the source code simply go to the GitHub page. 

Short explanation of the game.

Collect power ups and destroy the root of all evil! The root of all evil(the big root) will slowly walk towards you. Collect power ups before he is too fast, to find power ups kill the small roots. Can you kill him under 50 seconds?

Joysticks(controller) and WSAD/Mouse to walk and aim. Right trigger and left mouse button to shoot.
Root of all evil

Posted on 27-03-2023

A game I created with 6 other people at the Global Game Jam 2020 in Leeuwarden in 2 days.
You are Dr. Shrunk, help the patient and protect their cells.
Keep the Virus away by killing them with different weapons and push special helpful "anti-virus" to the same cell you are protecting.
But be careful, your ship and weapons can also damage the cells!
Dr Shrunk

You can find the Global Game Jam page here
I also made the game playable on my website.
To play the game click here.
To view the source code click here

Posted on 02-02-2020

Trick or Retreat is a game I created during the Global Game Jam in 2019.
You can find the GGJ page here
And play the game here
Short explanation of the game.

Hide from children that want candy! You don't have enough to give candy to them all.
Avoid light and interact with objects. Controls(XBOX Controller)
Joystick to walk around A to interact B to interact with phone Keyboard WSAD to move around
Left Control/left mouse button to interact Left Alt/ right mouse button to interact with phone.
Trick or retreat

Posted on 27-01-2019

I've been working on a 2d engine in .NET Core C# with OpenTK
I call it Quget Engine One. My goal is to create a simple top down 2d game engine. Current features are

  • Render Quads with textures and transparency
  • Create game objects (with or without animation)
  • 2D Sprite sheet animations
  • Create Text
  • Click on game objects
  • Keyboard Controls
  • Different scenes
  • And more


You can watch a video here
GitHub Link:

Posted on 21-04-2017

A school project to create a 3d simulation in Javascript. HallowPetz is a game where you can take care of Halloween characters(Zombies,Skeletons,Ghost etc)
Basically a tamagotchi like game with a Halloween theme.

-hatch your pumpkin
-feed your monster
-make your monster sleep
-play with your monster
-3d environment 
-name your monster
-save/load your progress

play the game

Kelly Sinia
Sandra Elzinga
Michael Koopmans

Posted on 17-10-2016

A school exercise to create a pool game in ThreeJS.
This was my first time spending time in Javascript and making a game in one.

Play it here
Source here

Posted on 16-10-2016

I worked on Project Arcane Crystal at school for a half year with 4 other people.
It is a "falling blocks puzzle rpg" game created in Unity.

Project Arcane Crystal

We were only able to create a demo version of this game, enjoy the demo!
Watch the video
Play the game

Made for: conceptsleutelaars

Sigrid Stoeltje (Artist)
Erwin Wiersma(Game Designer)
Runa Elzinga(Artist)
Sofie van den Broek(Programmer)
Sound and music tracks are from different sources.

Posted on 20-06-2015

Space Smuggler is Prototype made in 2 day's in Unity3d.
Space Smuggler is going to be a serious game for people who just got a arm prosthesis!
So they will learn squeezing in a entertaining and fun way! :)
This was just one part of the game, the game has been cancelled

The prototype is made by
Eelco Faber(3d Artist)
Watch the video here

Posted on 18-09-2014

I've created this game at the Global Game Jam 2014 with a couple of other people!
Talk to NPC's to gain a new "personality" which gives you abilities and change your looks.
Looking into a mirror will change your view of the world!
Play Mental Mirrors

Posted on 02-02-2014

This game is created in Gameship Leeuwarden by NHL students and me (I was a intern there) too show how much interactivity you can have in augmented reality.
Since I recorded it in Unity you won't be able to see or feel the augmented reality things.
I will explain those here.

You are able to select your option by tapping the object on the screen. Of course you will be able to move around the menu with your camera!

You are able to look trough the Game with Augmented reality(Your game is shown on a marker)

Watch the video here
Project leader: Joseph Wigley
Developers: Quget(me), Patrick Malissa.
Artist:Paul Louis Caron, Joseph Wigley.

Posted on 11-10-2012

A project to test Lua in Unity.
I can call C# functions I created using Lua script.
Start() Update() and OnGUI() functions are being called in those Unity functions!
This means everything that has to do with GUI like the GUIDrawButton function have to be called there.
Start is for initialization when the game starts like finding a object.

Watch the video here

Posted on 22-06-2012